Before starting any design job: an inphographic, a web page, a .GIF, a logo, I ask myself: what’s the idea? What does the client want to communicate? I think that the first step when starting a new Proyecto has more to do with knowing how to listen, than to come up with creative ideas (that comes later). I’ve learned, along my professional carreer, that many of the conflicts between clients and agencies are that, in the first meetings, each one leaves with a different idea. For me, the most important thing is to create the best version of your idea, not mine; to achieve a clear, simple, visual language of whatever you want to communicate.

Then, later, comes what we all knowof: brainstorming, outlining, to polish and polish the content until it’s perfect. But, always, the most important thing is to get what the main idea is, to understand that flicker of creativity the client had, and try to develop that. In my experience, that avoids confusions.