The #Ley3de3 was the most supported citizen initiative in the history of Mexico. More than 200,000 people joined the plea to make every politician declare their patrimony before contending for a public service. The overwhelming support transformed the initiative into a much larger change: the Sistema Nacional Anticorrupcion; it is our first attempt to create an impartial authority that can judge and condemn all of the atrocities politicians do carelessly in our country. We all know the shady stories of Javier Duarte, C├ęsar Duarte, Roberto Borge.

This animation was created to push forward de compilation of signatures for la #Ley3de3 and it was made by More Starch, an agency enganged with what is happening in Mexico, and that thinks some actual change can be made through creative communication. This is the perfect example of that. For me, personally, this project was great. It feels good when something you do ends up having a real effect of your environment.