Before this century knowledge was kind of stuck. You had to go to school to get it. But now we have the internet: TedTalks, youtube tutorials; anyone can get it, or so it seems. But, in truth, sometimes we miss the human factor: that tutor that guides you and teaches you everything with the ease of someone who knows you, and knows how you learn. That’s where Geek comes from, the idea: a web page that connects experts with students thirsty of their knowledge.

The web page had to convey a light and creative tone, fertile ground for learning. It’s like when you see Google’s offices; when you see them, you know there are creative happening all the time. The challenges of web pages are all alike, and yet different: trial and error, the sleepless nights, the setbacks; but in this particular case, the challenge was to creat a sort of social network of knowledge. This job was also done during my time in More Starch, a creative agency whose work is to take complex ideas and turn them into simple, captivating versions of them.