My name is Mariana Miquelajáuregui Foncerrada and I’m a Graphic Designer based in Mexico City. At the moment I’m still in search of the perfect job, that I still haven’t found, but meanwhile I work as a freelance designer from my home in the heart of Mexico City. I have fun illustrating, researching, cooking and eating a lot and making several personal projects.

I have had the privilege of working for important NGO's such as OXFAM, A19 and ITDP, knowing their work better every time I’m constantly looking for projects with social impact that will at least try to make the world a fairer place with less inequality.

For three years I directed the Department of Graphic Design at an incredible multidisciplinary agency called +Starch that promotes Mexican talent and wants, as well as me, to make this beautiful country an even better place than it already is.

Today I’m in search of new opportunities of work and collaboration that allow me to travel, to know new places and new people who share my ideas. I’m a passionate and enthusiastic woman and a defender of human rights, I like to share crazy things, ideas for projects and food.
Personal & interests
  • Movie Buff
  • I see too many movies and series for my own good.
  • Someone hire me to do reviews or write a Movie Blog, please. I would also love to interview celebrities.
  • THC freak
  • I believe in decriminalizing drugs and promoting awareness.
  • I think Marihuana is a great thing and that there should be good more projects about it. Any ideas?
  • Feminist
  • I love men deeply, still I believe in gender equity and in balancing current situations, now.
  • Any project related to gender equality interests me for sure. Write me!
  • Social Media Hater
  • As you can see I do not have any social networks. Why don't you write me a letter?
  • I keep my privacy very to myself and close people around me so that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are for personal use, if I ever use them. You're not missing anything, believe me. I'm better in person :).
  • Stories Devourer
  • I have discovered in cooking one of the greatest pleasures, I like to invite my friends over to diner and listen to all their stories, although I rarely shut up.
  • If you have a good project and you would like to collaborate, click here and let's talk.
  • Traveler
  • I would like for my work to force me to travel.
  • No matter what part of the world you are, I am deeply moved by projects that are worth moving for. Where are you?