You’re in the middle of a protest march, you went there to defend your civil rights, to express your political opinions; you were there because you wanted to change something about your country; because you have the freedom to say what you want, where you want. But, suddenly, something happens: policemen are dragging a partner, a fellow protestant, they’re taking him without any reason. What do you do?

These inphographics were made in More Starch, an agency which I had the opportunity to work with. Their main focus is to communicate clearly what NGO’s are trying to say; to translate to a clear language all their complicated discoveries in various themes. There were made with the collaboration of Mijáil, another designer in the agency. The challenge was to make the inphographics readable while in a moment of great tension. Not a lot of people have been in this kind of situations, and even less people know what to do. That’s why Article 19, an organization that fight for freedom of speech, wanted to do this job: to distribute this information in the many protests that have shaken our country in recent history.